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Question Formation: How Do You Ask...?

How to form questions in English: a simple explanation with lots of examples using question words and helping verbs.

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Using Helping Verbs to Give Advice

Learn how to use helping verbs like should, can, don’t, and must not to make suggestions in English. Give indirect advice with questions like Could you…? or Have you considered…?

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English Conversation Practice and Hints

Tips for English conversation practice: opportunities to practice, how to begin and end a conversation, and topics to discuss or avoid.

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Priority List of Vocabulary Words

This list of vocabulary words includes 100 academic word families university students and professionals studying English need to learn.

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Word Formation Examples and Exercises

Expand your vocabulary by studying these word formation examples and exercises. See how changing suffixes can make related word forms.

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Negative Sentences: Don't forget the 'don't!'

How to make negative sentences in English: a guide to helping verbs, negative words, and traps to avoid.

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Online Reading

Lots of ideas for online reading materials in English to meet your needs and match your reading level and interests

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Proofreading Practice: Correct this Essay on Unintended Consequences

Essay and proofreading practice: Correct the errors in an essay. Then find the thesis statement, supporting details, and transitions and summarize it.

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