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Academic Vocabulary Worksheets

These vocabulary worksheets include reading, discussion, and other activities, since multiple exposures and practice with words is important for acquisition.

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List of Idioms, A-F

Use this alphabetical list of idioms, A-F, to learn the meanings of these very common (but sometimes confusing) expressions..

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Idiom Meanings List, M-S.

Learn these idiom meanings (with phrases beginning from M-S) to increase your understanding of common conversations.

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Improve Reading Skills for Better Reading Comprehension

Help your students improve their reading skills: scanning, skimming, word analysis and context clues, transition word recognition, and inferences.

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Practice Business Vocabulary from the Academic Word List

Practice business vocabulary by reading and filling in the blanks in these paragraphs discussing business and the economy.

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Be a Word Detective

Be a Word Detective! Follow the clues to understand and classify detective and investigation vocabulary.

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TOEFL & IELTS Vocabulary

Study TOEFL and IELTS vocabulary to prepare for either exam.

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Teamwork and Cooperation Vocabulary

Teamwork and cooperation: 7 ways to talk about working together, with vocabulary practice as well.

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