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English Detective #71 Climate Change Vocabulary 10-18-16
October 18, 2016

#71 Climate Change Vocabulary 10-18-16

I’ve been looking at some resources teaching climate change vocabulary, and others that discuss how people can adapt to the changes we cannot avoid.

These pages are easier than most of the vocabulary readings I find, but I think they are interesting for adult English learners as well as kids—anyone who would like to read a little about climate change in fairly simple English (high beginner up.)

This time they are all on one page, along with several exercises to practice the vocabulary. See Climate Change & Weather Vocabulary

The variety of practice exercises (categorizing, noting synonyms, and matching words with their meanings) all help make the mental connections necessary for long term memory.

Incidentally, I’m offering the free webinar on Vocabulary Prep for the IELTS & TOEFL Exams (mentioned in the last newsletter, but with a different name) again, twice, on Thursday Oct. 20. If you are interested, you can register directly from the Free Webinar page now. (There were some problems with registration the last time, as well as the time not being convenient for everyone.)

Please register right away for one of them if you are interested, as they are in just a day and a half. (If the time is still not good for you, you can watch a replay afterwards, but ONLY if you register beforehand. (I had not realized the webinar site will only give access to those who pre-register. I’m learning a lot about technology!)

I also am offering a course on that subject, for those who want more personalized guidance. A lot of the subjects it includes were already on EnglishHints, but in a form that’s not so easy to study.

The course is designed to make it a lot easier to prepare for the IELTS and TOEFL, and to get a better score, especially if you need some help with English academic vocabulary.

If you or someone you know might be interested, check it out at Mastering English Test Vocabulary

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