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English Detective #84 English Fluency: Speaking & Listening Practice 5-16-17
May 16, 2017

I have just received several requests for information on how to improve English fluency and ways to practice speaking or listening to English. So for this one issue, I want to discuss fluency more than vocabulary.

(I will add a link near the bottom to my major new vocabulary page, which links to lots of practice pages, for those who want some vocabulary practice as usual.)

EnglishHints is directed especially toward English learners who already understand basic English and need more advanced and/or academic English. There is one page especially focused on English conversation practice, with a section on fluency as well. (I just revised that page to make it as useful as possible to you.)

I wish I could provide links to sites that provide speaking partners, but the best one I had heard of is gone now. The conversational practice page above has links to a couple of sites that look good to me, though I have not used them myself. The best (free) site is probably the fluentin3months forum.

I’d love to hear if that works well in providing a conversation partner. Please let me know if you try it, or if you have used another site you like and would recommend—and I’ll add it.

There are several pages on EnglishHints with links to excellent listening sites. Start with the listening section of Comprehension Exercises.

A New Priority Vocabulary List Page

I just finished a page listing the academic vocabulary I think is most important to learn, as well as pages and sites to practice it. Top 100 List of Vocabulary Words suggests 100 academic words that are especially important for understanding the instructions and vocabulary questions for tests like the TOEFL, as well as for university and professional reading and writing.

More than a third of these are basic words that you will likely know, but that are important to understand thoroughly. I’ve worked hard to make the practice pages useful. (That includes the links to my course pages on Quizlet, with flashcards and games)

I hope these links will be helpful!

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