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Learning Strategies to Help You Remember and Practice Better-- ED #142
February 18, 2020

Learning Strategies to Help You Remember and Practice Better-- ED #142

Have you ever wished for simple learning strategies: hacks to help you improve your memory or get better at a skill you’re learning? You can learn a few of the best today on a new page in EnglishHints. (It's designed especially for English Detective readers, even though others will be able to read it too.) It links to three articles about improving your memory and practicing new skills.

Make your Practice Sessions More Effective

Researchers have found that one simple change in your practice routine can double your speed in learning a new skill. (For more, see the section under the same headline on the page linked above.)

Memorize More Efficiently

Two articles have excelent suggestions for memory improvement, as well as clear explanations for why these techniques work. The first tells about the value of brief rest periods during or right after study to help our memories form. Research has shown powerful results when that rest is without distractions. (It can even enable people with brain damage to remember a little more than before.)

The second article includes four great TED talks with useful strategies for effective memorizing. You can listen to the ideas as well as read the article. They talk about using the power of stories and vivid, even bizarre pictures to help you remember.
As a bonus, you can practice your English reading and listening skills with these articles. Then check your vocabulary skills with a crossword using the most frequently used, important words in the articles. (The crossword may not be up on the page until later today.)

Again, the page with links and more information on the articles, as well as the crossword and other practice is here.

In the future English Detective newsletters will be fairly short emails like ths one, linking to a page on EnglishHints with the reading/listening links and vocabulary explanation or practice. I may be able to post links to them from the Back Issues page, but they will no longer be saved there, due to a change in my email delivery service.

Coming in the next issues: Good news from cancer researchers, understanding and explaining research, important 21st century job skills, and other articles on science and on strategies for learning or working more effectively.

Catherine Simonton,

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