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Spy Stories & Secret Messages (English Detective #132)
July 02, 2019

Spy Stories & Secret Messages

Over the years that I’ve been looking for interesting, not-too-difficult articles for English Detective readers, I have found a number of fascinating articles about spies. I want to share three of the best.

NPR describes CIA operations in Cold War Moscow. (It also provides audio so you can listen to it.)

The Guardian has a picture and brief account for each of “10 best spies.”

My favorite article of the three, from the Atlantic, tells the dramatic stories of several women who worked for or with the Resistance in occupied France during World War II.

I want to try something different in this issue. The links for each of those articles, plus vocabulary explanations and a crossword, are all on an EnglishHints page on Secret Messages and Spy Vocabulary.

(There are also links to two excellent articles on how women codebreakers in Washington DC helped in World War II and the difference the Navajo Code Talkers made in the war in the Pacific.)

Check out the page, even if you only have time for one or two of the articles. They offer some unexpected twists to mid-20th century history.

A Brief Vacation Break

I’ve noticed that many readers take a little vacation around July, and we will too. (My family is going to a niece’s wedding and then on a short camping trip.) So, the next English Detective should come the first Tues. in August.

(If you don’t want to miss even one chance to read some English, you could check out a back issue of English Detectives!) Have a great summer!

Warmly,Catherine Simonton,

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