TOEFL & IELTS Vocabulary Practice

Learn and practice likely TOEFL and IELTS vocabulary on the pages below to prepare for either exam.

Picture of students in a library with a crossword puzzle using examples of TOEFL & IELTS vocabulary: determine, persuasive, transition, infer,  etc.Crosswords can help you review vocabulary.

On this page you can find:

• practice with IELTS vocabulary on topics of everyday life, to help you prepare for the speaking and listening tests (as well as for living in English-speaking countries),

academic vocabulary practice for the TOEFL and IELTS and for university study and professional work in English.

Both sections are arranged with related pages together. They generally start with easier vocabulary and then give pages with more difficult words to practice.

Both the IELTS & the TOEFL sections will have many pages that can help you prepare for either exam.

IELTS Vocabulary: Daily Life Topics

I will be adding more pages to this section soon, but you can start with these:

Medical Vocabulary (It includes a lot of health and illness vocabulary, as well as words for doctor visits, tests, and treatments.) 

Types of Germs

Climate Change & Weather Vocabulary

Money Words

Personality Vocabulary (These words are useful for job resumes (CVs) as well as for describing yourself or your friends.)

Emotions. (This site has great illustrations of each feeling, as well as brief explanations, a video giving pronunciations, and a link to a crossword puzzle for practice.)

Basic Family Vocabulary. (A good visual family tree to explain aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, etc. For informal family terms (Mon, Dad, Nana, etc.) see English Detective Back Issues, #119-- Dec.4, 2018-- the second section after the campfire photo.

• Understanding the News in English

Citizenship & Immigration Vocabulary

General Academic Vocabulary

Top 100 List of Vocabulary Words

• Be a Word Detective (words relating to detective investigations)

Sherlock Holmes & the Language of Detection

Practice 19 Words from the AWL (Academic Word List) 

Writing Test Vocabulary (explains and tests essential instruction words)

Online Crossword: Essential Academic Vocabulary (This crossword includes some writing test vocabulary—so you might want to study that page first.)

A Range of Writing Words

Transition Words

Linking Words

Art Vocabulary

Product Design Vocabulary

Vocabulary from Classical Roots

English Words for Success

Vocabulary for Achievement

• Advanced Adjective Opposites Matching Games: The next three pages also practice matching adjectives with the opposites:

• >Adjectives for Thinking

• >Size and Importance

• >Positive and Negative

Practice Common Prefixes (This page and the next use many common academic words.)

• Practice (and Play with) Negative Prefixes.

Sense Vocabulary

Science & Psychology Vocabulary

• Science Vocabulary

 • Science Words

 • Science Crossword Puzzles (printable plus one online interactive puzzle(

Scientific Method Vocabulary

• Science Discoveries and Inventions

Scientific Words Quiz

Psychology Quiz

Nervous System Vocabulary: Online Crossword

Social Science Vocabulary +

Social Change Vocabulary

British Power Vocabulary Exercise.

Vocabulary Building Games: Networking

Teamwork & Cooperation Vocabulary

Understanding the News in English

News Vocabulary

Words for Truth, Falsehood, & Error    (and Answers)

Vocabulary for Violence (includes some very ugly words—that you need to know to understand the news in English.)

Political Language

Advanced Academic Vocabulary

Most of these pages use somewhat less common academic vocabulary—and a lot of words at once. Don’t start with these, but do try them once you know most of the more basic words above. They are also from the Academic Word List, and will be used in textbooks, university lectures, and on tests like the TOEFL.

Free Printable Crossword Puzzles (especially the Social Science Vocabulary, City Planning, Together & Concurrent, & Connections puzzles-- connected with newsletters 17-23 in the list, and the Collaborative Thinking crossword)

• Business Vocabulary

Disaster Assistance Vocabulary Exercises

Conservation Terminology (on Global warming)

Vocabulary Exercises: Types of Organizations

More Vocabulary Exercises: Governments  & NGOs

Practice Latin Word Roots

Academic Vocabulary (with J.F. Kennedy's 1961 State of the Union address)

Two U.S. Presidents on Berlin (Academic Vocab Practice 2.)

President Obama on Polish Freedom (Academic Vocab Practice 3.)

See Vocabulary Games for vocabulary practice arranged by type of game (puzzles, word scrambles, matching, and gapfills) and English Language Tests for general test preparation suggestions as well as a listing of quizzes and tests. (Most are also included on this page, but here by organized by topic.)

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