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Greek Roots

Learn and practice Greek roots that form the base of English words from apathy to thermodynamics.

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Concentration Games to Practice Idioms, Vocabulary, or Irregular Verbs

Play these concentration games to review phrasal verbs like back out or call off, vocabulary from Latin roots, and irregular verbs.

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Phrasal Verb Quiz

Practice phrasal verbs and a few idioms with this phrasal verb quiz. How many do you recognize?

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List of Phrasal Verbs P-W

This list of phrasal verbs is a continuation of English Phrasal Verbs, A-M. Recognizing these common phrasal verbs is important for understanding English conversations.

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List of English Phrasal Verbs, A-M

Understanding these common English phrasal verbs can take your English conversation to the next level. They're essential in business settings as well as ordinary conversations.

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List of Idioms

Use this alphabetical list of idioms to learn the meanings of these very common (but sometimes confusing) expressions.

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Advanced Adjective Opposites Matching Games

Challenge yourself to learn more academic vocabulary with these adjective opposite matching games.

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Verbs and Adjectives for Thinking: Category and Matching Games

Practice verbs and adjectives for thinking with category and matching games. How well do you know the words for different types of thinking?

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Complex Sentences

Learn how complex sentences can show the relationships between ideas clearly, using noun, adjective, or adverb clauses.

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