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Prepare for the TOEFL Reading Section

Prepare for the TOEFL reading section & the types of questions to expect, with the information on this page and in the course it describes.

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The Verb To Be

You can't speak English without the verb to be. This handy guide to all its forms can help you use it correctly..

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Practice Giving Advice

Review ways of giving advice in English, then practice by choosing the best helping verbs to complete a conversation between a discharge nurse and a patient.

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Social Change Vocabulary

Study important social change vocabulary to understand discussions of economics, politics, and history.

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Political Language: Conflict and Compromise

Political language in English, with examples from American politics and an explanation of words for discussion, argument, and compromise.

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Do You Know This Personality Vocabulary?

Can you use personality vocabulary in English? (It's especially important for resumes or interviews.) Are you trustworthy, efficient, or adaptable?

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Psychology Vocabulary Quiz

Review and practice the most important psychology vocabulary for understanding discussions and general-interest books and articles.

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Finding English Reading Materials

Use these book recommendations to find English reading materials that match your reading level, interests, and needs.

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Scientific Method Vocabulary

This simple explanation of scientific method vocabulary (and of the scientific method) will help you understand news about science and psychology experiments.

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Learn the Sounds and Spellings of Vowels in English

Does the pronunciation and spelling of vowels in English confuse you? This course can teach you common sounds for each letter and easy rules for using them.

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