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Root, Prefix and Suffix Worksheets for Individual Study

These root, prefix, and suffix worksheets offer simple exercises to help you learn and practice the most important building blocks for English words.

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Root, Prefix, and Suffix Worksheets

These root, prefix, and suffix worksheets can help students understand and practice root and affix use, including the ways suffixes change word parts of speech and meanings.

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A2 English listening practice Using TED Talks

Do you need Level A2 English listening practice? Try these comprehension questions (and bonus writing or discussion questions) for 3+ TED talks on hope.

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Understanding the News in English

Do you want to understand the news in English? Here's a simple explanation of news reporting and vocabulary.

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English Essay Writing Practice: Step-by-Step Help

English essay writing practice-- suggestions and inexpensive step-by-step explanations and help.

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English Grammar Worksheets

Use these printable English grammar worksheets to master correct English, practice tenses and sentence structure, and avoid common errors.

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Present Tense Verbs: Examples and Practice

Learn how to use common present tense verbs in both the simple present and the present continuous tenses.

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ESL Lesson Plans for Teachers

Adaptable ESL Lesson Plans, resources, and activities to make life easier for ESL or EFL teachers.

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