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EnglishHints.com’s Privacy Policy

Read EnglishHints.com’s privacy policy to understand how we protect your privacy and the ways we might use any information you give us.

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Easy Reading for ESL Beginners: Good Books to Start with

Do you need easy reading for ESL Beginners? These children's picture books and "easy readers" (as well as a few adult books) can get you started!

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English Conversation Lessons Using Phrasal Verbs

These short English conversation lessons demonstrate, explain, and quiz you on the use of important phrasal verbs. They’ll help you understand and participate more comfortably in casual conversations in English.

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English Sentence Structure

What is basic English sentence structure? Learn how sentences are made: subject, predicate, and maybe prepositional phrases or direct or indirect objects.

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List of Irregular Verbs: the Top 50-- with Practice

Practice this list of the top 50 irregular verbs to improve your English. Fill in the blanks of two past tense stories.

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Learn English from Spanish Cognates

These worksheets with English and Spanish cognates can help you learn (or teach) English.

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Greek Roots

Learn and practice Greek roots that form the base of English words from apathy to thermodynamics.

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Concentration Games to Practice Idioms, Vocabulary, or Irregular Verbs

Play these concentration games to review phrasal verbs like back out or call off, vocabulary from Latin roots, and irregular verbs.

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Phrasal Verb Quiz

Practice phrasal verbs and a few idioms with this phrasal verb quiz. How many do you recognize?

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List of Phrasal Verbs P-W

This list of phrasal verbs is a continuation of English Phrasal Verbs, A-M. Recognizing these common phrasal verbs is important for understanding English conversations.

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