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Research and Medical English for Health Professionals

Learn the research vocabulary and medical English needed for clear communication with patients, clients, coworkers and the public..

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English Conversation Practice: Hints for Getting Started

Tips for English conversation practice: finding partners, beginning and ending conversations, and topics to discuss (or avoid.)

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30 Medical Prefixes and Roots Worth Learning

Study 30 of the most common medical prefixes to recognize hundreds of important medical terms. These will help you learn specialized prefixes and roots later.

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Phrasal Verb and Idiom Examples in a Conversation

These phrasal verb and idiom examples show how to use these common expressions in several types of conversations.

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Parts of Speech in English-- How English is Put Together

Understand English sentences by learning the parts of speech in English and how to combine them. Check out the examples of each type!

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Conditional Sentence Examples

Can you make a conditional sentence? Here are simple explanations and examples of the four types of conditionals.

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Prepare for the TOEFL Reading Section

Prepare for the TOEFL reading section & the types of questions to expect, with the information on this page and in the course it describes.

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The Verb To Be

You can't speak English without the verb to be. This handy guide to all its forms can help you use it correctly..

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Practice Giving Advice

Review ways of giving advice in English, then practice by choosing the best helping verbs to complete a conversation between a discharge nurse and a patient.

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Social Change Vocabulary

Study important social change vocabulary to understand discussions of economics, politics, and history.

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