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Roots Memory Game 1

Build your vocabulary and your mental skills with this memory game. Match words from the Latin root quaerere (acquire, inquire, inquisitive, etc.) with their meanings. Can you beat your previous speed (or your friends?)

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Roots Memory Game 3

Use Memory Game 3 to exercise your memory or compete with a friend while practicing useful English words from the Latin root vertere.

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Essay Organization

Learn about types of essays and essay organization (what's important for a good score) while reviewing key academic vocabulary .

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Writing Test Vocabulary

Clues to writing test vocabulary: be sure you understand the instructions and hat the examiners want.

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A TOEFL or IELTS Essay Example and Planning Tips

Do you need to write a TOEFL or IELTS essay? Check out this sample essay, along with tips for planning your essay.

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Present Tense Verbs:Examples and Practice

Learn how to use common present tense verbs in both the simple present and the present continuous tenses.

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Phrasal Verb and Idiom Examples in a Conversation

These phrasal verb and idiom examples show how they are used in several types of conversations.

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Medical English for Health Professionals

Learn the medical English needed for clear communication with patients, clients, and coworkers. Review medical vocabulary and ways to ask questions and give advice in English.

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Practice Academic Vocabulary with this 1961 Kennedy Speech

Practice academic vocabulary and get a different perspective on history with a reading and gapfill from JFK's 1961 State of the Union address.

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Psychology Vocabulary Quiz

Review and practice the most important psychology vocabulary for understanding discussions and general-interest books and articles.

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