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Medical English for Health Professionals

Learn the medical English needed for clear communication with patients, clients, and coworkers. Review medical vocabulary and ways to ask questions and give advice in English.

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Practice Academic Vocabulary with this 1961 Kennedy Speech

Practice academic vocabulary and get a different perspective on history with a reading and gapfill from JFK's 1961 State of the Union address.

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Psychology Vocabulary Quiz

Review and practice the most important psychology vocabulary for understanding discussions and general-interest books and articles.

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Research and Scientific Words Quiz

Practice important research vocabulary and scientific words with these multiple choice, fill-in, and synonym-antonym exercises.

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Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

If you’re looking for detective fiction or puzzles in simple English, try the Encyclopedia Brown series! They're written for kids, but they're great reading practice and fun for adults too!

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Reading Comprehension Strategies

Use these reading comprehension strategies to prepare students for a reading selection and to help them get the most from it.

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Planning ESL Lessons

Planning effective ESL lessons: basic principles, parts of a lesson, and suggestions for student-centered lessons that work.

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English Words from Latin Verbs of Motion

Knowing these 6 Latin verbs of motion can help you learn over 100 English words made from them. Study the examples, then try the matching quiz.

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ESL Games

ESL Games: the number one way to practice English-- and have fun! Ideas for classroom, small group, and individual games, online and off.

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TOEFL & IELTS Vocabulary

Study TOEFL and IELTS vocabulary to prepare for either exam.

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