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English Detective #21, Global Power in the 21st Century: September 10, 2013
September 09, 2013

The current investigation (Introducing this issue):

Two TED talks discuss the change from several centuries dominated by a few superpowers to a more complex, interdependent world.

Besides a crossword to practice this issue’s vocabulary, there is a discussion of political language-- English words expressing political opinions and action, conflict and compromise. There is also a quiz to practice the less common vocabulary from the most recent issues of English Detective.

Your First Clue: Vocabulary we’ll Emphasize in this Issue

accompanied, aggregate, alter, bond, bulk, capacity, commodities, comprise, concurrent, confined, contemporary, duration, forthcoming, liberal, likewise, migration, ministry, paradigm, restraints, suspended, unified, as well as consensus-- a group of people reaching agreement on a subject. Consensus is not in the AWL but occurs several times in the readings.

Notice how these words are used in the readings and practice activities. Then try to use some of them yourself, in a sentence or two.

Getting the whole story: this issue’s reading/listening practice:

Paddy Ashdown’s TED talk on the Global Power Shift.

Here's Shashi Tharoor’s talk on Indian Soft Power.

Follow the Clues (Vocabulary Practice):

Here's the crossword Its answers are here.

Click here for a discussion of Political Language in English.

Test your Deductions

Here's the quiz on AWL Levels 6-10 practiced in the most recent newsletters.

Coming in the next issue: Changing Education

In case you missed these: Earlier issues of English Detective have articles on a number of topics, plus practice with over 200 words from the Academic Word List. You can check them out with the link to the back issues page below (or find what words were practiced each issue here. or here for the most recent issues.

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