Quiz on AWL Levels 6-10

This quiz on AWL levels 6-10 checks your recognition of some of the less common words from the Academic Word List.

Although the 300 words in levels 1-5 are used more frequently, all the words on the AWL are important to understand  to read college textbooks, scientific papers, or news, business, and political analysis-- the communications of the educated English-speaking world. How many of these words do you know?

Choose the best response to each question. After checking your answer, push the arrow button to move on to the next question.

(You can also right-click and download a pdf version to save to your computer, print, and work on offline., if you prefer.)

Questions 1-3 ask you to choose the Odd One (the one with a very different meaning). Then there are a variety of question types.

For questions 11-13, select all the answers that are correct. If you choose any that are not correct, OR if you miss any that ARE correct, your score will show those subtracted from the total.

(For example, if there are 5 possible answers and you mark all correctly but one, you will get a score of 4/5. That means you either missed one that you should have marked, OR marked one that was not correct. Go back and check your work and make any changes needed.)

Questions #14-18 ask you to choose the best word to fill in the blank (gap) in a sentence or quotation.

Quiz Questions


How did you do on this quiz? You can review most of these words in English Detective issues 19-21 (though some have been practiced from the earliest issues on.)

If you want to know which newsletter practiced a particular word, or its various forms, you can check in the Alphabetical Academic Word List (for A-B) or its following pages for words beginning with C-E, F-M, N-R, or S-Z.

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