Academic Word List Vocabulary F-M

This Academic Word List Vocabulary, F-M continues the Alphabetical Academic Word List Vocabulary,A-B  and the AWL Vocabulary C-E.   Each entry on the list gives a word form from the Academic Word List, with its part of speech, other family members, and the issue of our newsletter that discusses it and links to readings and activities to practice it.

See the Back Issues page to find that issue, and see Academic Vocabulary Word Lists for a list of the AWL words for each reading in issue 1-5, as well as related practice activity pages on this site.

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Academic Word List Vocabulary: F-G -- in issue(s) #:

  • facilitate, v., facility, n., facilitation, n.-- 14 (to practice, see the back issues link above)
  • factors, n., factor-- 2, 9
  • features, n., feature, v., featured, adj.-- 4
  • federal, adj.-- 18
  • fee, n.-- 12
  • file, v. or n.-- 13
  • final, adj., finally, adv., finalize, v.-- 1, 4
  • financial, adj., financially, adv.-- 3, 4 
  • flexibility, n.,flexible, adj., flexibly, adv.-- 13 
  • fluctuations, n., fluctuate,v., fluctuating, adj.-- 11 (& see Soc-- yellow box above)
  • focus, n. or v., focused, adj.-- 4, 9. 26
  • format, n. or v.-- 22
  • formula, n., formulate, v.-- 9
  • forthcoming, adj. -- 21
  • foundation, n., 3
  • founded, (from 'to found'),v. (a different verb than 'to find'), founding, adj.-- 13
  • framework, n.-- 10
  • function, n. or v., functional,adj., functioning, adj.,malfunction, n.-- 9
  • fundamental, adj., fundamentally, adv.-- 14, 16
  • funds, n., funding,adj., fund,v.-- 11
  • furthermore, adv.-- 2
  • gender, n.-- 18. Gender specifies whether a person (or a pronoun, or in many languages any noun) is male or female. On forms it has the sane meaning as ‘sex,’ but without the possible connotations of sexual activity or feeling. 
  • generate, v.-- 12
  • generation, n.-- 4, 25
  • globe, n., global, adj., globally, adv.-- 6, 8
  • goals, n.-- 3
  • grade, n. or v., graded, adj.-- 10
  • granted, v., grant (n. or v.)-- 7
  • guarantee, n.or v., guaranteed, adj.-- 8
  • guidelines, n.-- 13, 29

AWL Vocabulary H-I 

  • hence, adv.-- 22
  • highlighted, adj. or v., highlight, v. or n., highlighting, n.-- 11
  • hypothesis, n., hypothesize, hypothetical--- 2
  • identical, adj., identically, identity,n.-- 6 (& see WrW-- yellow box above)
  • identify, v., identifiable, adj.-- 3, 8, 9
  • ideology, n., ideological, adj.-- 5
  • ignore, v., ignorance, n, ignorant, adj., ignorantly, adv.-- 9, 32. Ignorant means not knowing something. (It is often used in a critical or insulting way: “What an ignorant fool!”) 
  • illustrated, v. or adj., illustration,n.-- 7
  • image, n., imagery,n.-- 3, 8
  • immature, adj. (see mature)-- 18.
  • immigration,n. immigrate, v., immigrants,n.-- 19, 25
  • impact, n. (or v.), impacted,adj.-- 4 (& see TC-- yellow box above)
  • implement, v., implementation,n.-- 12
  • implications, n., implicate,v.-- 9
  • implicit, adj.implicitly, adv.-- 16 (& see WrW-- yellow box above)
  • imply, implies, v.-- 22 (See WrW)
  • impose, v., imposing,adj.-- 12, 25
  • inappropriate, adj.  (see appropriate)-- 2
  • incentive, n-- 12, 27
  • incidence, n., incident, n.,incidental, adj., incidentally, adv.-- 19
  • inclination, n., incline, v., inclined, adj.-- 22. To incline is to lean to one side or another. An inclination is a preference, usually not too strong: “I’m inclined to go with you, but if it rains, I probably will stay home.
  • income, n.-- 11
  • incompatible, adj.-- 13
  • inconceivable, adj. (see conceive)--1
  • inconclusive, adj. (see conclusion)-- 1
  • incorporated, adj, or v., incorporate, v., incorporation, n.-- 4
  • indefinite, adj. (see definite)-- 17
  • index, n. or v.-- 16
  • indicate, v., indication,n.-- 8
  • individual, n. or adj., individually-- 4, 9, 25
  • induced, adj. or  v., induce, v.-- 23
  • inevitably, adv, inevitable,adj.-- 3
  • infer, v., inference,n.-- 1 (& see SH-- yellow box above)
  • infinite, adj. (see finite), infinitely, adv.-- 17
  • infrastructure, n.-- 13
  • inherent, adj., inherently, adv.-- 22. Inherent means an essential quality or basic part of something’s nature. 
  • inhibition, n., inhibit, v., inhibited, adj.-- 23
  • initial, adj., initially-- 10
  • initiative, n., initiate, v., initiation, n.-- 12. To initiate is to start something. An initiative can be a proposal. Having initiative can also be a personal characteristic: being a self-starter-- able to see what needs to be done, then do it. 
  • injury, n., injure, v., injured, adj.-- 23
  • innovation, n., innovate,v.,  innovative,adj.-- 4, 7, 8 (& see TC-- yellow box above)
  • input, n. or v.-- 8
  • insecure, adj., insecurity, n., (see secure)-- 3
  • insert, v., insertion, n.-- 18. To insert is to push something into an opening. “He inserted the key into the lock, but he could not get it to open.” “The congressman from Illinois inserted a clause into the legislation requiring inspections every two years. A congressman from Iowa objected to the insertion.” 
  • insights, n., insightful-- 1, 8 (& see 19 AW-- yellow box above)
  • inspection or inspector, ns., inspect, v.-- 1  (& see SH-- yellow box above)
  • instability, n. (see stability)-- 11
  • instance, n.-- 9
  • institute, v. or n., institution, institutional-- 13
  • instructions, n., instruct, v.,, instructional, adj., instructor, n.-- 10
  • insufficient, adj., (see sufficient)-- 12
  • integral, adj.-- 24. Integral comes from the word for ‘whole.’ We most often use it to discuss parts are needed for the whole to work together: “Please turn in your report. Your contribution is an integral part of our project.” 
  • integration, n. integrate, v., integrated, adj.- 16, 26
  • integrity, n.-- 20
  • intelligence, n., intelligent, adj.-- 9, 27 
  • intensity, n., intense, adj., intensely, adv.,intensive, adj.-- 6 (& see WrW-- yellow box above)
  • interaction, n., interact, v., interactive, adj.-- 8
  • intermediate, adj.-- 22, 28. Intermediate means in between or in the middle in size or level. 
  • internal, adj., internally, adv., internalize, v.-- 4
  • interpretation, n., interpret, v., interpretive, adj.-- 9,11, 25 (& see WrW-- yellow box above)
  • interval. n.-- 18. An interval is a set period of time or space: for example every 10 seconds or every 10 years. (In the U.S., presidential elections happen at four year intervals.) 
  • intervene, v., intervention,n.-- 18, 28. To intervene is to come between people or groups that are fighting and try to change the situation. A mother may intervene in a fight between two children, or a nation may intervene in a quarrel between other nations. If someone has a stroke, a doctor’s quick intervention can sometimes prevent lasting damage. 
  • intrinsic, adj., intrinsically, adv.-- 9, 27
  • investigation, n., investigate, v.,investigative, adj. investigator,n.-- 1 (& see SH-- yellow box above)
  • investment, n., invest, v., investors,n.-- 13
  • invisible, adj.  (see visible)-- 11
  • invoke, v.-- 20
  • involve, adj. (or v.), involve, v., involvement-- 2
  • irrelevant, ajd. (see relevant)-- 11
  • irreversible, adj. (see reverse)-- 14
  • isolated, adj., isolate, v. isolation, n.-- 20
  • issues, n., issue, v.-- 2
  •  items, n., itemize, v.-- 14

AWL Vocabulary J-M

  • job, n., jobless, adj.-- 3, 9
  • journal, n., journalist, n.-- 16
  • justification, n., justify, v., justified, adj., justifiable, adj., justifiably, adv.,unjustifiable, adj.-- 23
  • label, n. or v.-- 4, 25
  • labor, n., v., or adj. (Brit. labour)-- 3
  • layer, n.-- 18. Layers are thin sheets or coats of something, usually piled on top of each other. Examples: the layers of a wedding cake, or layers of soil, or a layer of oil coating the surface of a polluted harbor.
  • lecture, n. or v., lecturer-- 11. A lecture is an oral presentation of information. (The word comes from ‘reading,’ but in English it no longer means a reading, although a lecturer may read his notes.) University professors give lectures to their students. Sometimes we call oral correction a lecture: “My parents lectured me on getting home before midnight.”  
  • legal, adj., legally-- 4 
  • legislation, n., legislate, legislative, legislator-- 11
  • levy, v. or n.-- 16. Levy is another noun or verb with several meanings. It comes from the French (and originally the Latin) verb for ‘to raise,’ and can be used for tax collection (raising money by a tax or fine), raising an army, or even for waging war. 
  • liberal, adj., liberally, adv., liberalize, v., liberalization, n.-- 21
  • license, n. or v., licensed, adj., unlicensed, adj.-- 19
  • likewise, adv.-- 22
  • link, n. or v., linked, adj., linking, adj.-- 1, 6, 9 (& see SH-- yellow box above)
  • location, n., locate, v.,local, adj. locally, adv.-- 3,8
  • logic, n., logical,adj., logically, adv.,logician, n.-- 5
  • maintenance, n. maintain, v.-- 4
  • major, adj, majority, n..-- 2, 4
  • malfunction, n., malfunctioning, adj. (see function)-- 9
  • manipulation, n., manipulate, v.,manipulative, adj.-- 6 (& see WrW-- yellow box above)
  • manual, adj., manually, adv.-- 19, 33 (Back Issues)
  • marginal, adj., marginally, adv., margin, n.-- 20
  • mature, adj., immature, adj., maturely, adv.,maturity, n.-- 8. Mature means full-grown or developed, like fully-ripe fruit. It is often used of a responsible attitude as compared to someone who is immature and lives for whatever he feels like doing at the moment, without considering the future or anyone else’s needs. 
  • maximum, n., maximize,v., maximal, adj.-- 12 (& see Soc-- yellow box above)
  • mechanism, n., mechanic,n. mechanical, adj.-- 8
  • media, n. (pl.)-- 7
  • mediation, n., mediate, v., mediator, n.-- 19
  • medical, adj., medically, adv.-- 2, 7
  • medium, adj. or n.-- 7
  • mental, adj., mentally, adv.-- 1, 9
  • method, n., methodical, adj.,methodology, n.-- 2, 4, 7
  • migration, n., migrate, v., migratory, adj. (see also immigration)-- 21
  • military, adj. or n.-- 5
  • minimal, adj., minimally, adv.-- 23
  • minimized, v.,past (minimize, v.), minimization, n.-- 14 (& see Soc-- yellow box above)
  • minimum, m.-- 14
  • minorities (minority), n.-- 3
  • mode, n.-- 22
  • modified,adj. or v.(past-- or modify), modification, n., modifiable, adj.-- 22 (& see Soc-- yellow box above)
  • monitoring, v. (pres participle), monitor, n. or v.-- 9
  • motivation, n. motive,n., motivate,v., motivational, adj.-- 1, 8, 27 (& see 19 AW-- yellow box above)
  • mutual, adj., mutually, adv.-- 19

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