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On Academic Vocabulary Lists page 4 you can find the new AWL words used in the readings for English Detective issue 18 on, as well as links to pages to practice each issue's vocabulary. It follows the same format (pattern) as Academic Vocabulary Word Lists, which explains how you can use this information. For links to the readings or to each issue's new vocabulary, see the Back Issues page.

Issue 18 Word Lists and Practice Pages

*TED talk on Using Nature's Geniuschannel  converse dispose-2 enhance-2 extract -3 intervals intervene layers mature overall radical-5 scheme schemes 

*TED talk on a Clean Energy proposal: empirical federal-2 

Extraordinary People profile on Wangari Maathai’s work on sustainable tree-planting: devoted, ethnic-2, ethnicity, gender 

Pages that practice the new words: * Listening and Reading Comprehension Practice for the 2 TED Talks, and Social Science Vocabulary Crossword and Answers (shared with newsletter 17.)

Issue 19 Word Lists and Practice Pages

city skyline at twilight

TED talk on Designing Cities for more peoplecommunity distributed-2 distribution nuclear occupy residential transmissions trend trends utilization utilizing  

TED talk on Charter Citiesincidentally  manual-2  residents -4 specifies  undertaken utilities 

Voice of America on Green Cities: communities  protocol-3 

To practice these words: City Planning Crossword and Answers.

Important review of AWL vocabulary, levels 1-5: Academic Vocabulary Test 1.

Issue 20 Word Lists & Practice Pages

Jared Diamond's TED talk on Why Societies Collapse: appreciate constant derivative derivatives derived erosion hierarchical  nevertheless overseas  transfer 

 Wade Davis on TED-- Endangered Cultures:  adjacent albeit anticipate assignment assumption constantly contrary entities eroded hierarchy integrity invoke-2 invoked isolated margins nevertheless passively scenario-2 

Practice pages: Contrasts Crossword and Answers, Odd One Out, and Linking Words on the AWL.

Issue 21 Word Lists and Practice Pages

TED talk on the Global Power Shift: accompanied altered capacity-4  confined liberalizing migrated ministry paradigm 

TED talk on Indian Soft Power: bond capacity consensus-4  suspend 

Practice pages: Together and Concurrent Crossword and Answers, Political Language, Quiz on AWL Levels 6-10.

Issue 22 Word List and Practice Pages

*TED talk on Escaping Education's 'Death Valley' depressed discretion-2  hence  inherently mode so-called 

Train Station Schools in India format, schedule  

Practice pages: * Reading Comprehension Worksheet on Education's Death Valley, Education Terminology Crossword and Answers, Exercise your Sense Vocabulary.

Issue 23 Word Lists and Practice Pages

TED talk on regenerating our bodies: attached coincidence  induce induced induces  minimally 

*Eva Vertes' talk on Understanding Cancer & the Future of Medicine:  corresponding  differentiate-4 differentiated-3 eliminate elimination-2 inhibit inhibited injured-2 injury-2 portion 

Practice pages: *Comprehension Worksheet on Vertes' talk, Connections Crossword and Answers, Roots of Comparison & Contrast.

English Detective issues 1-23 reviewed and practiced the complete Academic Word List. Issues 24 on will review some of those words and teach other useful vocabulary, with more readings and practice activities. You can see them by signing up for English Detective (see the sign-up form on the bottom of the left navigation menu) or in the Back Issues pages. Issues with particularly useful explanations and practice are listed below with the words they explain (taken from the readings.)

Later Issues with Major AWL Vocabulary Review

Issue 25: encounter, individual, issue, label, reluctance

Issue 26: adjustment, attribute, bias, estimate, focus, persist, negative, statistics

Issue 27: automatic, confirm, intelligence, ratio, retain, stress, trend

Issue 28: accurate, capacity, distribute, intermediate, intervene

Issue 29: clause, guidelines, prohibited, sole, stress

Issue 30: ambiguous, context, distinct, explicit, inherent, substitute

Issue 32: accumulation, apparent, duration, extract, ignorant. plus, scenario, scheme, straightforward, sum

Most of the later issues have concentrated on other vocabulary from the readings, or teaching ideas and ways of using the reading and listening materials found  online in class.

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