Comprehension Worksheet:
Can you "Get" Her Point about Cancer? 

Use this comprehension worksheet to check (and increase) your understanding of research English after watching a TED talk by young cancer researcher Eva Vertes. The talks is from 2005, but it still is fascinating-- and hopeful, both because of her conclusions and because of her potential.

The TED talk itself is below (with the option of subtitles in 25 different languages if you need help the first time you watch it.) Do watch it in English as soon as you can.

It may also help you to also read a transcript of the talk, either before or after watching it. (I recommend it. Use every aid you can to understand the ideas better.) Click here for the transcript.  It opens in a new window so you can keep both open and switch from one to the other.

Here’s the Comprehension Worksheet (pdf) for this talk. (Right-click to download and work offline-- or just write down the correct letter after the number for each question: 1B, 2C, etc.)

If you prefer an interactive version, use the quiz below. Click on the best answer for each of the questions, then click "check" to see your score and the arrow button to go to the next question.

(You may re-answer any you have missed. Getting it wrong the first time will lower your score a little, but the important thing is to re-read and/or listen to that section again, then read the question carefully to figure out what you might not have understood. This is the best preparation for doing well on actual tests later.) 

This is not a memory test. It’s a good idea to listen again or read back over the appropriate section before answering each question, just as you would do on an academic test or if you were reading important research.

Interactive Comprehension Quiz


How did you do? If you have any questions or suggestions after re-reading the talk and the questions, ask them in the comments section below. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, because comprehension is important.

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