ESL Quizzes: Challenge Yourself

.ESL quizzes and tests have three main purposes:

  •  to find out what you know and can do (or don’t know and need to learn),
  •  to measure progress after  you have studied,
  •  and to practice for major tests that can affect the course of your life.

A teacher can use tests before teaching a topic to determine students’ levels. During a unit of study, tests can show if students understand the main ideas. (If not, the teacher can change the approach until most students "get it." ) After the unit tests can evaluate student learning for grades. 

Quizzes are short tests given often. They are quick progress checks. Use these quizzes to find out what you already know and what needs more practice. 

Why Take Quizzes?

Picture of students sitting at desks writing answers to a quiz.
'Check your understanding of English grammar & verb tenses-- or academic vocabulary-- with these quizzes.'

When we were in school, most of us disliked tests and avoided them whenever possible. 

As adults, we need to take advantage of them. 

A little time spent on a test can save a lot of time later by helping us focus on what still needs practice.

Each of the quizzes and tests below includes answers or an answer link.

Some also link to a printable pdf version. (Several are only in pdf form, with answers at the end.)

Many of them also link to pages you can study if you find you need more preparation.

Most of these quizzes are intermediate level up. Any beginner or advanced quizzes will say that.

Grammar Quizzes or Practice

ESL Quizzes on Academic Vocabulary*

These quizzes (and one test) check your understanding of vocabulary important for the IELTS or TOEFL exams. (These words are also common in university or professional settings.)

(The numbers below match newsletter issues with explanations or links to practice pages.)

    1. Detective Words Quiz  

    2.  Science Words Quiz  

    3. Success Vocabulary Quiz  

    4. Technology Vocabulary Quiz 

     5. Greek and Latin Roots Quiz

     6. no quiz this issue

     7. Creativity Words Quiz

     8. Learning Network Vocabulary Quiz 

     9-10. Research and Scientific Words Quiz   

     11-12. Business English Vocabulary Quiz 

     13-14. Assistance Vocabulary Quiz

     15-17 practice but no quizzes           

     19 Academic Vocabulary Test 1 (longer and more advanced level) and its Gapfill section 

      21. Quiz on AWL Levels 6-10

      23.Comprehension Worksheet (a quiz)--TED talk on New Ways of Seeing Cancer.

      33. Psychology Vocabulary Quiz

Picture of the top part of a crossword puzzle, with the text: '20+ puzzles to make academic vocabulary fun.'

Try some printable crossword puzzles relating to the same vocabulary. They make a nice break from more formal quizzes.

* The quizzes in the Academic Vocabulary section review words from the Academic Word List. English Detective newsletter issue numbers make it easier to find related practice pages. (Each of the first 23 issues has readings and practice for related AWL words. See Academic Vocabulary Word Lists for the words in each reading and for related practices.) 

Later issues review some of those words and add other important vocabulary.

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