Academic Vocabulary Test 1

Take this academic vocabulary test to see how well you have learned the vocabulary from the Academic Word List that has been practiced the most in English Detective.

This test will check your ability to use over 1/3 of the Academic Word List (AWL.) You can also download and print a pdf copy of this test, if you prefer, by right-clicking the link.

Most of the vocabulary in the AWL will appear on this (or a subsequent) test, but questions and blanks will only test words that have appeared in English Detective readings or practice at least four times (usually 5 or more.)  

(The test will also omit a few of the most common AWL words of all, words like ‘adult’ and ‘percent.’) Please note that the quotes and “research” reported below are not real, but are invented for this test, for the purpose of demonstrating the use of these words.

This test has two sections: 18 multiple-choice questions and a 20-blank gap-fill exercise on another page (link below.)

If you only look at the multiple choice questions one at a time, each will say "1", but you can tell the actual number of the question by the "2/18," "3/18," etc. Click the arrow to the right to move to the next question.

If you prefer, you can see the whole list of questions at once (with their correct numbering.)

 Section 1: Multiple Choice


Vocabulary Test 1 Section 2: Gap-fill

The gap-fill, an imaginary newspaper article about a civics class project, is on a separate page. After checking your answers, return to this page.

How well did you do? If you got 16 or more multiple choice questions right, and all but one or two of the gap-fills, congratulations!

If you missed more than 6-9 on the whole test, or if you did not understand several of the questions, try studying the words that confused you.

Start with a good English dictionary. It should explain the possible uses of the word and probably give examples.

If you need more, try the Alphabetical Academic Word List pages. (The link is to A-B; jump from the 2nd paragraph to the bottom of that page for links to the rest of the alphabet.)

Each entry gives you the common forms for each word family (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and the newsletter that practiced each (with reading material, vocabulary practices, and often a crossword.) 

In the readings, you can find uses of the word on a web page with Control +’F’ (Command +’F’ for a Mac); type the word you want into the box and it will show you uses on that page (if the word is there.) The practice pages explain some words and give examples of others.

Most of all, keep reading in English. After you have read a word a number of times, you will begin to recognize it and understand its possible uses.

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