Academic Vocabulary Word Lists
in English Detective, Issue 6-10 

These academic vocabulary word lists can help you find and practice words from the Academic Word List (AWL) in English Detective issues and on this site.

This page continues the listings in the first Vocabulary Word Lists page, which explains in more detail what you can do here. Basically, you can read in context and then practice about 1/4 of the words from the Academic Word List with the links on this page.

Use these pages to find information on the contents of old newsletter issues: the AWL words in each reading that are introduced in that newsletter (in bold), and the pages that practice those words. Click here to see the back issues themselves.  (Links-- including those not given below-- are in the newsletter.)

Check the bolded words under each newsletter issue for words you don't know or need to practice more. Then read the relevant articles or try some of the practice exercises. You can practice most of the words several times.

If you are looking for a specific word, first look at Alphabetical Academic Word List Vocabulary A-B or its following pages.

Issue 6 Academic Vocabulary Word Lists 
& related practice pages

portrait of William Shakespeare

VOA- How English Evolved:  no new AWL vocabulary.

VOA- Shakespeare's Works: Full of Life:  conflict conflicted conflicting conflicts couple-2 couples declines deny intense-2 restrictive role roles seek seeking site stress  style 

Idioms from Shakespeare (Not in the original newsletter, as two of those pages are no longer on the web, but this page is a very popular substitute,)

I recently (May 2015) found some very useful links for teaching Shakespeare to English learners. Newsletter 52 in Back Issues discusses them all, but if you only have time for one, check out this article from the British Council (which also links to some of the others.)

Try the Shakespeare idiom matching challenge-- with more links at the bottom, including one sent in by a class as a than-you for the page.

You can practice these words (plus several others no longer available in the reading selections, including chapter, distinct, editions, manipulate, negative, paragraph, positive, sections, stress, style, and topic) with th e exercises in

Issue 7 Word Lists & related practice pages

VOA on Leonardo da Vinci:  complex  grant  perspective psychology volume

Chinese Inventions: access complex  display displays  exported illustrations route survey trace

How to Build Creative Confidenceequipment-2 options percent-4  psychologist-2 qualitative  technical transformation-2 unconventional

Columbian Exchange: no new AWL vocabulary.

Practice with Creativity Crossword and answers, (right click to download), Art Vocabulary, Present and Past Perfect Tense Practice, and a Creativity Words Quiz.

Issue 8 Word Lists and Practice Pages

*Where Good Ideas Come From: aid challenge clarity conference context contexts crucial environment-5 environmental environments-9 guarantee mechanisms network-5 networks nuclear obviously  selection-3  sum 

Babies Are Good Language Learners: decades,responding strategies

Abstract and Concrete Nouns: abstract-8 abstractions categorization comments element-2 errors-2 indicate 

(The article on How Children Learn is no longer at the link I had. There is a pdf that discusses research findings on children's learning here, if you are interested. (It will not help with this lesson's vocabulary, though.)

Practice with: Collaborative Thinking Crossword and Answers (right-click to download), * Reading Comprehension Test Practice on "Where Good Ideas Come From," Vocabulary Building Games: Networking, and Vocabulary Quiz (also a right-clickable pdf.).

Issue 9 Word Lists and Practice Pages

VOA on brain research books: commit,  errorsevolution-2, function, intelligence,  regulation, temporary  

Scientific American: Finding Connections: functions interpret intrinsic regions-3 underlying 

A TED talk on the Adolescent Brain: adult-2 adulthood-2 adults automatic  errors-6 function functional-2 functions ignore ignoring implications intelligent-2 ongoing-2 quote region-3 regions-4 significant-2 task-8 undergoes-2 underlying-2 whereby-2 

Practice with Science Wordsearch and Answers, Science Vocabulary and Science Words (all pdfs-- right click to download with its answers)

Issue 10 Word Lists and Practice Pages

TED:Don't Eat the Marshmallow!: equivalent -2 grades-4  principle-3  register

Scientific American: Look Beyond Willpower: acknowledged framework initial participants presume primary promotes relevant status subsequently  volunteering

New York Times: Boost Your Willpower: arbitrary implicated instructed odds outcomes participants restoring 

Practice with Brain Research Crossword and Answers, and Scientific Words Quiz (all pdfs-- right-click to download them.)

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