Reading Comprehension Test Practice

Practice for a multiple-choice reading comprehension test with these questions based on the text of "Where Ideas Come From."  Read the transcript and answer the questions before you watch the video.

picture of men in a coffee shop talking, with text: 'Practice for comprehension tests with questions on Where Ideas Come From. (Hint: haring ideas over coffee.)'

(The transcript is the written text of the talk. You can find it just below the video of “Where Ideas Come From.”

The page will open in another window, so you can refer to it when you need to.)  

If you don’t need test practice, it’s still a good idea to make sure you understand the main ideas of this talk. However, in that case it’s O.K. to watch the video (or read a transcript of it in your own language) before or after reading and watching it in English.

The more times you read or watch it in English, the more familiar you’ll get with English rhythms, word order, and its vocabulary. So enjoy it multiple times-- but try the test right after your first reading! How did you do on it?

(If you would prefer to take this practice test offline, you can download a pdf version of it by right-clicking here.

Demonstration Question

interior of an old coffee shop: door, window, table with chair, table, and a mug.Some great ideas originated in coffee houses.

Johnson said coffee houses were important to the development of the Enlightenment for at least two reasons.

One was because people could think more clearly and have better ideas if their preferred drink was tea or coffee rather than beer all day long.

The second was that coffeehouses

      A. were open and airy and light.

      B. allowed people of different backgrounds to meet and share ideas.

      C. led to sexy ideas.

Answer: B. The talk does not tell us much about what those coffee houses looked like. From the photo of the Grand Café entrance and from Hogarth’s painting, they were probably dark and crowded. So A is not given and probably not even true.

C is a restatement of something Johnson said, but it is an effect (of B), not a reason.

Johnson’s point was that coffeehouses provided “a space where people would get together from different backgrounds, different fields of expertise, and share…ideas would get together there” -- just what B says. 

Practice for a Reading Comprehension Test

Choose the best answer:


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