Speak English Confidently in Meetings: a Challenge

You may already understand English well, but maybe you don’t feel you can speak English confidently in meetings. (In fact, you may not feel comfortable speaking in English at all!) I'm offering a short challenge that can increase your English meeting skills and confidence.

In this one-week challenge, you can learn key English phrases for participating in a meeting, introducing and discussing proposals effectively, and even disagreeing politely.

As you learn and practice meeting vocabulary (and how to share and defend your ideas in English), watch your speaking confidence increase!

Learn the Vocabulary & Strategies You Need to Speak English Confidently

In this challenge, we'll look at common vocabulary and phrases for meetings in English.

Learn English vocabulary and useful phrases for 

  • asking for clarification,
  • making suggestions, 
  • defending your ideas and proposals,
  • agreeing and disagreeing (politely),
  • and discussing priorities

As a result of this challenge, you will: 

  • Deepen your understanding of the principles of persuasion to help you convince your boss or team to adopt your ideas.
  • Learn various ways to discuss a problem and when necessary raise objections while still being respectful and constructive
  • Share your ideas more confidently as you improve your word choices and speaking skills.

Who this Challenge Is for-- and Not for

Most of the professionals I work with have already been studying English for years. Many read (and often write) English well, but they find speaking in English difficult or uncomfortable.

If that describes you, this challenge is for you.

If you can understand most of what you read on EnglishHints and can make basic requests in English, you should be able to complete the challenge.

I will be available the whole week (and after) by email to answer any questions and support you. 

If you don't ever use English at work, you don't need this challenge. (However, if you hope to work for an international company in the future, as many of my students do, it could make a difference in your future.)

If you have difficulty reading this, you're probably not ready for the challenge yet. (EnglishHints has lots of pages that can help you improve your reading skills. I'd recommend you start with those.)

If many people cannot understand you when you try to speak English, you should probably work on your pronunciation before you try these more advanced speaking strategies.

But if people can understand you in English but speaking makes you uncomfortable or embarrassed, I believe this challenge can help. It's a chance to practice speaking up and sharing your ideas in a non-threatening environment, where everyone else is working on the same skill.

Why I'm Offering this One-Week Challenge

I have been teaching these strategies and phrases to my one-on-one students, but I want to see how well they can work in group lessons. That's why this will be a pilot for a just small group of people.

Participants can make suggestions, ask for extra help, and share feedback with me about what has helped them and anything that was confusing or not useful.

I want to see clearly what works and what doesn’t in a group situation. Because it’s the first time I’ve taught it to a group, it will be less expensive.

I'm also trying to keep it brief, because most of the advanced English students I help are extremely busy.

I'm convinced that even one week of intensive, focused practice, as well as some ideas to keep your momentum going, can make a big difference. 

How this Meeting & Persuasion Challenge Will Work

Monday through Wed. Nov. 14-16, you'll watch short videos (and read one article) plus complete practice activities that are essential to get the most from this challenge.

The videos plus activities should take less than half an hour (& usually less than 20 minutes) each day.

Tuesday you'll make and send me a recording of your answers to the practice questions for feedback on your pronunciation and answers. This will help you be prepared for Thursday.

(If you send them to me by Tuesday evening, I can give you feedback before the live session. If not, I will be glad to give feedback but you may get it after the Thursday session.)

Thursday Nov. 17 we will have a one-hour interactive meeting to use the words and skills you have been practicing. 

Each person will briefly present an idea or proposal to the other people in the challenge. You’ll answer questions and discuss your idea. Then you’ll listen to their presentations and discuss them.

The Thursday session will be offered at one or two times in the afternoon or evening according to what works for most people. If no time on Thursday works, we may be able to arrange another session Friday or the following week.

(I will refund your money if you cannot attend at the times that work for everyone else.)

The Thursday session won’t be recorded unless participants request it. (So if you want a recording, we could record your main proposal, and others can turn off their camera for that period if they don't want to be recorded. The discussion won't be recorded unless everyone present agrees.)

Friday (or the following week) will be a ½ hour (or longer if needed) Q & A and discussion session. It will be recorded and available for review whether or not you were able to attend.

During the Q & A I'll also suggest follow-up activities and resources so you can continue to increase your English skills and confidence.

This pilot Speak English Confidently challenge will cost $37. That includes all the practice activities, a live Zoom meeting to practice what you've been working on, a follow-up Q & A session, and my personal feedback on your recordings.

I need to limit challenge participants to six to 10 people or fewer to make sure I can help everyone get the best results. If more people are interested, I can run a second session of the challenge.


There are several bonus lessons to help you keep your momentum going after the challenge.

  1. Using phrasal verbs in meetings (examples and practice activities)
  2. Important business idioms (a matching exercise and reference)
  3. English vowel sounds (several videos and practice activities)

I will put up the link to the challenge as soon as I can, Until then, or if you have any questions, please contact me with them on the Contact me directly form below. Be sure to mention this challenge on it. Thanks!

Questions or comments? Let me know!

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