Clues to the TOEFL Reading Test Course

Does the thought of the TOEFL Reading Test worry you? How can you learn the vocabulary and English reading comprehension skills to get the score you need? 

Solve the “mystery” of English reading and vocabulary with this course on Clues to the TOEFL Reading test.

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This short course will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to get a better score.

You will study the test's structure  and what the examiners are looking for with each type of test question.

Then you'll discover the secrets to answer each kind of question quickly and confidently.

What Will You Learn in the TOEFL Reading Test Course?

In the course's 12 units (to study and practice with each type of reading test question), you will learn and practice how to

  • skim the reading selection to find the main ideas and most important details, then scan it for the answers to individual questions,
  • make inferences and recognize the implications of ideas that are not clearly stated,
  • identify the best answers to different types of questions, and
  • increase your reading speed.

You will also learn to 

  • recognize good (and poor) restatements of ideas, and practice paraphrasing and summarizing skills,
  • recognize the nouns that pronouns refer back to, even when they are not close to each other, and
  • identify unknown words and use websites that can increase your academic vocabulary.

There is a quiz after each lesson with a reading passage and questions like the ones on the TOEFL Reading Test. Each quiz practices the question types demonstrated in that lesson, and often a few others.

In the middle and at the end of the course there are longer tests of 12-14 questions that closely resemble a reading passage and its questions in the actual test.

There are also full explanations and links to several sites for vocabulary practice (including my suggestions for the academic vocabulary that is most important to learn first, and sets of 25-30 words with definitions to practice with flashcards and games.)

Bonuses and Extra Help

A very important bonus is the private Facebook group where you can discuss the test and your experiences and questions about English, or ask me (or your fellow students) about anything you’re not sure about, regarding the test, vocabulary, or anything.

(You can also send a private message to me if that would ever be better, and I will answer as quickly as possible. If a lesson is confusing or missing something you need, I will change or add to it.) I’ll work closely with you to help you prepare—and to improve your English, since that can open so many doors to future opportunities. 

If you want to take any of the other courses in the EnglishHints Academy (on vocabulary strategies, roots and affixes, and on the writing test—soon), you can get a 25% discount on the second course-- just let me know on the contact form below.

If you want to take this course with a friend or two, there is also a 25% discount, to make it easy for you to study and practice together. Just send me a message. 

100% satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction guaranteed. Please contact me if you have any problems or questions. If you are not happy with this course, please contact me for a full refund (or a credit plus 10% on a different course if you prefer.)

If you find the course helpful please take a moment to  let me know and to share it. Thanks!

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