30 Days to Better English for Professionals

Would you be interested in a course that promised “30 days to better English for Professionals?” 

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You may be thinking, “There’s no way I can get my English to the level I need or want in 30 days!”

Maybe you use English often at work but still feel uncomfortable about speaking up in meetings.

You may feel unsure that you can express yourself well enough in English to convince coworkers or managers of the value of your ideas-- or even wonder if they understand you!

How could 30 days make a difference?

You’re right that mastering any language is a long process. But if you can address your problems systematically, you can make real progress more quickly than you might expect!

I know that you’re busy! But can you find 1/2 hour a day 3 or 4 days a week? Then in about two months you can finish these 30 short-- but carefully designed-- lessons. They can make a real difference in your English!

30 days is time enough to overcome most pronunciation problems and master the use of essential professional vocabulary-- plus strategies that will make it easy to keep learning more. Most importantly, you will gain the confidence to use what you already know. 

Go directly to the course information. Help me decide what to include in the course-- or sign up to hear about it when it's ready.

How can I assure you that 30 days can make such a difference?

I’ve been helping people learn English for years, and coaching international scientists in English using basically this same program for over a year now.

Most can read English fluently, but many have struggled with pronunciation and speaking skills, (some even after living in the U.S. for years).

Using this step-by-step program has made a real difference for them, especially in their confidence and the clarity of their pronunciation. I’m confident that if you'll invest the time, these lessons can do the same for you.

The Background of This Course

This past year it’s been so inspiring to see people pulling together to try to protect and help each other. Scientists, health care providers, & other essential workers have pushed themselves so hard to care for the sick, relieve the desperate & create a vaccine to control the virus.

At the same time, it’s been so frustrating—and sometimes heartbreaking—to see unnecessary obstacles, confusion, and misguided (or even false) claims that have made the pandemic so much worse than it had to be.

The importance of good research and clear, honest communication has been so obvious! It’s a global problem and we can’t solve it without working together across borders, across cultures, across all the things that can divide us.

We desperately need the best efforts of everyone who can help. So good communication matters more than ever—not polished, perfect speech but a willingness to share and to listen and work together.

It matters more than ever that you contribute your research and ideas to the global effort. If I can help make that any easier, I’m so glad to do it!

If you’re reading this, you already have a good understanding of English. What’s important is to work on whatever is blocking you from sharing your thinking effectively in English.

It might be a pronunciation problem—most likely at least partly related to word stress or vowel sounds. There are some simple checks and exercises that can help.

It might be a need for a few relevant words that express your ideas more accurately, so they’re not misunderstood. It might be a lack of confidence that holds you back from speaking up.

You can overcome many of the problems that hinder clear communication in less time than you think, with a well-planned program and an understanding of where to focus your efforts.

Make "30 Days to Better English" More Useful 

I’ve been working to convert my one-on-one lessons program into a “30 Days to Better English” online course. It will be a less-expensive, self-paced alternative to my program. 

It still teaches core professional vocabulary (including how to pronounce it), English vowel sound rules (which also help with spelling), workplace speaking & listening practice in English, and skills to keep expanding your vocabulary. 

The lessons will be mostly brief video or audio training, readings, & workbook practice. There will also be live Question & Answer sessions, a Facebook group, and probably one-on-one help. 

I would love to hear from you if you might be interested in a course like this. Please leave your name and email below. If you also have 15-20 minutes for a Zoom call on what would help you most, that would be great! Just mention that too, & I'll check with you about a good time to talk.

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