Phrasal Verbs: Classroom Practice 

You can study and practice phrasal verbs on a number of pages on EnglishHints: Phrasal Verb Use (and other idiom pages), Idiom Examples (conversations demonstrating the use of many phrasals), Idioms Worksheet (a pdf to see how many you have learned), Memory Game 1 (phrasal verb idioms A-L) and Memory Game 2 (M-Z.)

This page is specifically about a pdf with classroom lessons and practice for about 100 of the most common phrasal verbs. It takes much of the information from the pages above, revises and rearranges it, and puts it into a classroom-friendly format.

If you're learning English or using it at work, you can get similar practice with a free download on the Common Phrasal Verbs page.

You will need Adobe or another pdf reader to read these pdfs. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it, free, here.

Common Phrasal Verbs

picture of the cover for the pdf Common Phrasal Verbs

The Common Phrasal Verbs pdf includes: 

• lesson suggestions, teaching notes, and a complete explanation of how to play the memory games included, 

• a brief explanation of the use of verb phrases in English,

• three short conversations for student pairs to read aloud with follow-up matching activities for the meanings of the phrasals used,

• a brief explanation and practice with separable and inseparable phrasal verbs, 

• examples and practice with verb phrases using ‘up’ (both those with obvious meanings and non-obvious idioms), as well as ‘down,’ ‘on,’ ‘off,’ and ‘out,’

• classroom phrasals,

• an assessment using phrasal verbs that have been practiced,

• answer sheets for all exercises,

• and four memory games to reinforce 32 of the most useful phrasal verbs studied (probably introduced at the end of lessons 2,3,5, & 6.) 

Phrasal verbs taught in this pdf

(with the lessons in which they are taught and an ‘A’ if in the assessment or an ‘M’ if in a memory game):

>> B: back out-2AM, back up-4+prM, be up-4, be up to somebody-2&4A-2, be up to something-2&4, blow up-1A, break up with-1, bring up sthg-1&4A, bring up sbdy-4+pr,

>> C-D: call off-2M, call on-6, call up-4-5, catch up (with)-4+pr&6A, clean up-4, clear up-4+pr, come back-6AM, come up with-2&3, cross out-6, cut back (on)/cut down on)-1&3AM, cut out-3AM, cut up-4+pr, do over-6A, do without-2,

>> F: figure out-2,3,&6AM, fill out (in)-2&6M, fill up-4, find out-6M, follow through with-2A, 

>> G: get along with/on with-1A, get around to (round to)-3&6, get away with-6,  get in(to)-3, get on(to)-3, get off (of)-3M, get out (of)-3, get over-3AM, get up-4-5, give up-4AM, go ahead-2, go down-4, go on-5AM, go off/out-5, go over-6M, go up-4+pr, grow up-4+pr

>> H-K: hand in-6, hand out-6, hang on-5AM, hang up-4-5, hold on-5AM, hold up-4+prM, keep on-5AM, keep up-4-6, >> L-M: look after-3AM, look at-1&alt.6, look into-1M, look out!-1A, look over-1,2&6M, look up4A, look up to-1&3AM,make up-4+pr.5&6A-2M

>> P-R: pass away-3M, pass out-6A-2, pick on-6, pick out-5,6M, pick up-4-5, put away-6x2, put off-6A-2M, put up with-1AM, run out of-6A,

>> S: show up-4+prAM, sit down-6, stand out-6A, stand up-4+pr, 

>> T-W: take after-3M, take off-6, take out-1&6, take over-3M, think about-1M, think of-1M, think over-1&3, think up-1, throw away-6, turn down-4M, turn in-6, turn off-5, turn on-5,turn out-5, turn up-4M, use up-4M, wake up-4, write down-6.

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