Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes: Worksheets to Boost Vocabulary

These root, prefix and suffix worksheets can help you learn and practice the most common and useful word parts that build English vocabulary.

This is one of the fastest ways to increase your English vocabulary. They will help you recognize the meanings of so many related words!

Image: 4 fish with one swimming in the opposite direction. 
‘Form’= shape & ‘con’= with,  so conformity is trying to be like others.
A nonconformist takes a different shape or direction.

You’ve probably noticed how many pages on EnglishHints teach these roots and affixes (prefixes and suffixes). They are important to study because they can make such a difference to your vocabulary!

Now I’ve taken some of the most useful lessons & prefix and suffix worksheets and combined them into self-study packets.

That way, you can download them to practice and refer to whenever you need them. (It's so much easier than trying to find a page you want to check or review later!)

First there’s a completely new set of root, prefix and suffix worksheets: an Introduction to Roots and Affixes. It gives a simple, step-by-step approach to understanding suffixes, common prefixes, and several important word roots.

These are the root, prefix and suffix worksheets I would recommend. They'd be useful for anyone trying to learn the basics of English word construction.

There's also a three-lesson version of that introduction if you need something shorter or less expensive. It concentrates on the prefix and suffix worksheets, with just a few roots that show how the prefixes and suffixes are used. 

Below that, I’ve included rootprefix and suffix worksheets separately (starting with suffixes), in case you want to concentrate on them one at a time.

They are based on pdfs I had made for classrooms, but I’ve redesigned them for individual study now.

For the full benefits of learning roots and affixes, get the combined study guide with all these packets for $12.00 (a 20%+ discount). See the bottom of the page

You will need Adobe or another pdf reader to download these pdfs. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it, free, here.

Introduction to Roots & Affixes: $6.00

Colored puzzle pieces with different roots & affixes (inactive, renewal, +) 
'5 lessons, each with practice activities and a review quiz, on suffixes, prefixes, & a few common roots.'

These five simple, step-by-step lessons will help you understand and practice the basics of English word construction: prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

Increase your vocabulary quickly by learning how to recognize new words based on the word parts you already know.

You’ll study different word forms made by adding suffixes. Then you can practice choosing the correct forms of these words. Fit them into different positions in a sentence. (“The results showed conclusively…” v.s. “The major conclusion of the report…”)

Recognizing the suffixes that mark different parts of speech will improve your grammar. They can help you gain confidence in expressing yourself in English.

You will learn how prefixes add to or change the meaning of roots. Then you'll practice recognizing those changes in meaning.

You will study and work with several common roots until they are quite familiar. You may also be surprised how many roots you already recognize because you know several words made from them! 

Some of the lessons will seem quite simple, especially if you have been reading in English for a while (or if you speak French, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese, which use many of the same roots and prefixes.)

However, the lessons build on each other, and I wanted to make it easy even if you do not have much experience with English prefixes or suffixes.


Each lesson should take you from 15 minutes to half an hour. (You might need extra time for the bonus in lesson 5, but probably not much.)

So you can easily finish all the lessons in a week or so. Then you'll have a big head start on recognizing new words in English, since so many are built with roots and affixes. 

Short, varied exercises (and a quiz at the end of each lesson) let you practice each new point.

You’ll get extensive practice with multiple important suffixes, 14 prefixes, and 14 roots. There are also hints and thought exercises with 25 more roots.

Each lesson builds on the material from earlier lessons, from an easy start to broader application of what you’ve learned by the end of the lessons.


Lesson 1: Suffixes with 'Act': pgs. 1-12 (very short pages)

  • Word Families & the ‘Act’ family (with examples in use, from action and actively to activate+): 5-7. (These are very short pages.)
  • Practice (& Answers): Suffixes (& parts of speech) for ‘act’ & other common words 8-10
  • Quick review quiz & answers 11-12

Lesson 2. Prefixes with Act (& Renew): 13-28

  • Negative Prefixes 14-17; Think of other examples: (Possible Answers) 17
  • The Prefix Re- with Renew 18-22; Think of Others: Answers- 19
  • Practice Forms of Renew (& Answers)- 21-22
  • The Prefixes Re- & Inter- with Act-23; 
  • Practice Forms of React & Interact- 24-25; Answers 26
  • Quick review quiz & answers 27-28

Lesson 3. Words Made from the Roots Clude & Dict: 29-42

  • Forms of conclude, exclude, include (& preclude)- 30; Practice 31-33; Answers 34-35
  • Dict- 36; practice forms of predict-37 (answers 38)
  • Review Matching practice- 39 (answers 40); Quick review quiz & answers 41-42
3 sample pages: a matching exercise, a page from 'Choose the Best Prefix,' & a page to practice forms of access (accessible, etc.)

Lesson 4. Predicting Unknown Roots: 43-57

  • Why & How to Use a Known Root to Predict Unknown Word Meanings (with ‘progress’ as an example) 44-48; Practice 46 (Answer 47)
  • The Verb Mov/mot 49-51 (Practice- 50; Answer 51)
  • The Verb Cedere 52-55; Practice 53-54; Answers 55
  • Quick review quiz & answers 56-57

Lesson 5. Recognizing more Roots: 58-74 

  • The Root Videre 59-61; Practice: Evidence-60; Answers 61
  • Choose the Best Prefix Practice 62-66; Answers 67
  • How Many Words from these Roots Do You Know? 68; Answers-69
  • Bonus (More Roots)- 70; Answers- 71
  • Quick review quiz-72 & answers-73; More English Study if You’re Interested-74

I would recommend this introduction as the best way to master English word parts (roots and affixes). 

The pdfs of root, prefix, and suffix worksheets below have more exercises, but I’ve included the most important worksheets from each in this introduction. There's also a clearer sequence for learning them.

Note: For a limited time starting June 16, I'm offering these five lessons (or similar lessons for more advanced English learners) as free email lessons on How to Increase Your Vocabulary. (Those lessons don't include the List of Prefixes mentioned below.)

As a bonus, I've added a download of our popular List of (Common) Prefixes. (See the download email you get after buying the packet.) 

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Please contact me if you have any problems or questions. If you are not happy with any worksheet, contact me for a full refund (or a credit plus 10% on another packet if you prefer.)

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Printable Introduction to Roots & Affixes: $6.00

If you would prefer easily printable exercises, this ebook is also available as a pdf with longer pages  (Word format). (The original above was made from Powerpoint, so the pages are much shorter and there is only one exercise on each page. It might be complicated to print since pages are not sized for printers.)

The printable version has the same content (except lesson covers). A few pages have been rearranged slightly to keep similar activities together. The List of Prefixes is included at the end rather than being a separate file. The whole ebook is 35 pages including that list.

Click the button below to buy the printable, longer-paged ebook, also for $6.00 USD. 

A Quick (3-lesson) Intro to Roots & Affixes: $2.00

Colored puzzle pieces with different roots & affixes & text: 3 lessons, each with practice activities and a review quiz, on suffixes, prefixes, & a few common roots.'

if you want an even quicker, less expensive introduction to word building (prefixes, suffixes, and the basics of word roots), try this packet.

It includes the complete lessons 1,2, & 4 from the Introduction to Roots & Affixes at the top of this page.

It gives full explanations and practice for suffixes and prefixes. Then one lesson shows how to recognize new words from roots you already have seen.

You will also practice with words from a few roots, especially cedere. It's the root of access, excessive, precede, process, and succeed (as well as many other words.}

In a couple of hours you can learn the basics of English word-formation. Click the button below to download it and get a head start on understanding English academic vocabulary for $2.00.

Individual Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheets

Word-Building Suffixes Worksheet Packet:  $5.00

Circled title surrounded by a border of green, yellow, and red puzzle pieces, with 3 words spelled out on puzzle pieces: active, activate, & activation. The page background is pale green.

These worksheets use common vocabulary to explain suffix use and to provide practice with each suffix type. They're for high beginners or intermediate English students,


  • Word Families (using ‘act’) and Parts of Speech in Sentences. (2 full pages—also included in the Introduction to Roots & Affixes above.)
  • A two-page alphabetical List of Common Suffixes giving parts of speech, examples, and a final column for you to complete with another example or two. It also has 2 pages with extra examples for each. (They show how other words fit into those slots for verbs, nouns, or adjectives.)  
  • Noun-building suffixes. (Examples and practice to show their connections to the verbs, adjectives, or other nouns that formed them.)
  • Practice with Noun-building suffixes for groups of people, Verb-building suffixes, Adjective-building suffixes, & an Adverb-building suffix (2 pages) + Answers 
  • Word Building Practice & Answers (5 pages)
  • A Suffix Quiz and its Answers
  • Suffixes for Plurals and Tenses and for Comparison (an optional extra page if you want to review them)

Buy the Word-Building Suffixes Packet for $5.00

English Prefix Study Worksheets: $5.00

Circled title surrounded by a border of green, yellow, orange, and red puzzle pieces, with the word 'prefix' spelled out on puzzle pieces. The page background is orange-yellow.

These worksheets let you practice the prefixes most important for academic vocabulary.

Their brainstorming and practice exercises take a couple of hours total.

I’d recommend having a  basic understanding of suffixes beforehand.

(If you feel unsure you could study the Suffix List page to get the main ideas.)


  • 2-page Common Prefixes table: each prefix, its meaning, a couple of examples, space for you to add an extra example or two, and a space to link to other prefixes that have the same meaning 
  • Explanation of prefix types and several worksheets with exercises on Prefixes of Quantity, Time, Location, Relationships, & Re-, followed by their Answers. 
  • Negative Prefixes: examples, a worksheet, & answers. (Most of these are explained and practiced in the Introduction to Roots & Affixes above.)
  • Can You Choose the Best Prefix? (A worksheet practicing prefixes and roots. It’s also in the Introduction above, in a slightly different form, and in the Roots packet below.)

Download Common Prefixes for $5.00 by clicking the "Buy now" button below.

If you don't need any of the worksheets, you can download the table from the List of Prefixes (with a shorter explanation) here.

Using Word Roots to Learn Vocabulary: $5.50

Circled title with a top partial border of green, yellow, orange, and red puzzle pieces. There are 3 words spelled out on puzzle pieces: access, excess, & success. The background is yellow.

Recognizing common word roots can help you guess and learn unknown words more easily.

This worksheet packet lets you practice more than 30 useful Latin and Greek roots.


  • Memory Game explanation & cards*
  • A list of Common Prefixes and Suffixes for Roots 
  • Introduction to Roots with root-prefix combinations that are easy to guess (Choose the Best Prefix…”) & Answers 
  • Individual worksheets on words from cedere (concede, excessive, precedent, etc.), quaerere (inquire, request, require), ponere (compose, disposition, oppose, proponent) & Answers 
  • Roots related to Our Senses, & Answers 
  • Greek Roots & Answers 
  • English-Spanish cognate roots and a practice worksheet or quiz with Answers 

* There are 12 memory cards each (8 per sheet) for words from  cedere, quaerere, ponere, and mixed root (from the Intro/Prefix review) practice.  You can print them to use for a game of solitaire or for practice with friends. The memory game cards can also be used as flashcards if meanings are glued onto the backs.

Other worksheet activities include gap-fill exercises, multiple choice, and matching exercises. They start with words that are easy to figure out using the root and prefix meanings. Then you will study a few academic words that are not so simple to understand from the roots.

Buy these worksheets on roots for $5.50 by clicking the button below.

Best Value: Complete Root & Affix Guide: $12.00

Green pdf cover with colored puzzle pieces, some with words from Greek roots. Circle with text: 'EnglishHints Root & Affixes Study Guide Bundle including Prefix & Suffix Lists & Greek Roots

To unlock the full vocabulary-building benefits that you can get by recognizing prefixes, suffixes, and roots, check out this Complete Root & Affix Bundle. 

You can study and practice all the common prefixes and suffixes as well as several more roots.

It includes the complete Introduction to Roots & Affixes (printable version) and almost everything from Word-Building Suffixes, Practice Common Prefixes, and Using Word Roots to Learn Vocabulary.

The only parts left out of those individual packets are ones already incorporated into the Introduction. (That's mainly the Word Family & Parts of Speech from the Suffix packet and Can You Choose the Best Prefix? -- so important it's in both the individual  Common Prefixes & Word Roots packets.)

So you can get a complete list of contents by reading the four Contents lists above and subtracting the overlap.

The Complete Study Guide is 85 pages, packed with useful explanations and practice exercises.

Since there is some overlap of contents, the bundle should be worth $15-16, but with a 20% multiple- product discount it’s just $12.00

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