Memory Game 3 for Mobile: Convert Reverses to Wins!

Memory Game 3 for mobile lets you exercise your memory with words that come from from the Latin root vertere, which means 'to turn.'  If you know the most common prefixes, you may be able to guess many of these. For example, sub means 'under' or 'underneath,' so subversive actions are when people work beneath the surface to try to overthrow (turn over) a government.

To reverse is to turn around, and a reversible jacket can be worn with either side out-- it works even when turned around. On the other hand, to revert is to go back to an earlier condition.

The grid for this matching game is long and narrow to fit in a cell phone screen. If your screen is big enough, you might prefer the 4x3 grid on the original Memory Game 3.

Instructions: Your goal is to turn over 2 cards that belong together: a word and a simple version of its meaning. There are twelve cards in 6 rows. Players (if you are playing with someone) take turns choosing two cards to turn over. If the cards match, they will stay face up, and the player who chose them wins that pair. 

If they do not match, they will turn back over. (Try to remember their locations. If you find a match for one of them later, you want to be able to find it again.) Continue to turn over two cards at a time until all have been matched. The player with the most matches wins. (If you are playing alone, see how quickly you can find all the matches. 

Play it again to watch your speed go up. (Card locations will be different for each new game. Memorize meanings, not locations!)

Click to find the matching cards:

play again
Good Job !

Important Latin Roots has more information on words made from vertere and five other very useful roots. Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes and its links to other pages explain how words are put together.

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