Words for Truth, Falsehood, & Error Answers

Practice Answers

Put these words in order from the most honest/truthful to the most serious lie (There is no one right answer. Several of these words are about the same. Just think about what each means. However, the first and last are definite.):

E, A, C, G, D, B, F:

·         E. tell the whole truth,

·         A. say something incorrect in error,

·         C. tell the truth but leave out important facts (you could also put this one second),

·         G. misrepresent a product, \

·         D. deceive someone,                  these could be re-ordered

·         B. lie,                                    /

·         F. perjure oneself (lie under oath)

Fill in the blanks in these tables with other forms of the words (see the examples in each table.)

Words for Truth & Honesty

Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs
1. ex: honesty --- (to be honest) honest honestly
2. truth --- (to tell the truth or be truthful) 2: true & truthful 2: truly, truthfully
3. accuracy to be accurate accurate accurately
4. correction to correct or to be correct correct correctly
5. validation to validate valid ---
6. 2nd ex: verification to verify (find out the truth) verifiable, unverifiable ---


Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs
7. ex: error to err or to be in error erroneous erroneously
8. mistake (to be mistaken or make a mistake) mistaken mistakenly
9. --- (to be wrong) wrong wrongly
10. misinformation to misinform misinformed ---
11. inaccuracy --- inaccurate inaccurately
12.--- --- incorrect incorrectly

Lies & Deception

Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs
13. ex: deception to deceive deceptive deceptively
14. exaggeration to exaggerate exaggerated ---
15. dishonesty --- dishonest dishonestly
16. falsehood to falsify (data) false falsely
17.a lie, lying to lie lying ---
18. fraud to defraud fraudulent fraudulently
19. misrepresentation to misrepresent misrepresented ---
20.--- to mislead 2: misleading, misled ---

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