Perfect Tense Exercise Answers

Fill in the blanks using has, have, ‘ve, or had:

Have you always been interested in baseball? “

“I’ve  been a fan since I was able to watch it on my Dad’s lap! What about you?”

[ haven’t really gotten into baseball, but I’ve always loved classical guitar. My brother taught me to play. He hasn’t ever studied professionally, but you’d think he had if you heard him.*


Matt has studied very hard for the GRE exam, but he still doesn’t feel confident. Some of his friends  who have already taken it have told him it was a lot harder than they expected. They said they had expected more questions based on what they had already studied. They were surprised to find many questions in which they had to analyze situations that were unfamiliar to them.


* An explanation:

 ” He hasn’t ever studied professionally, but you’d think he had if you heard him.”

I filled in the blank above because it has several complications. However, it’s the way we speak, so I thought you should get to read it.

It’s an unreal conditional that requires a past tense verb in the main clause. The full expression would be “but you would think he had studied professionally if you heard him.” In normal conversation we usually contract the ‘you would’ to you’d, and drop the ‘studied professionally’ since it was just stated.)

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