Positive and Negative Answers

Answers to the non-interactive Opposites Matching Game:

1F. adaptable: inflexible

2D. cheerful: grumpy

3I. considerate: self-centered

4C. daring: cautious

5E. determined: indecisive

6H. diligent: lazy

7A. enthusiastic: apathetic

8J. generous: stingy

9G. punctual: late

10B. responsible: careless

Synonyms: Positive and Negative Answers 

K4. bold: daring

LA. bored: apathetic

MC. careful: cautious

N1. flexible: adaptable

O6. hardworking: diligent

P3. kind: considerate

Q2. optimistic: cheerful

R5. persistent: determined

SE. uncertain: indecisive

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