Positive and Negative Adjectives: More Opposite Matching 

These positive and negative adjectives include both common and academic words. Matching the opposites is good vocabulary practice (as discussed in Advanced Adjective Opposites Vocabulary Games.)

blue & red yin-yang symbol with the words 'dependable--unreliable; competent-- incapable.' Text:
'Matching Game to Practice English Words for Attitudes & Personality Traits+.'

This game is a part of that group, on a separate page to enable the interactive script to work.

The non-interactive games below are also matching games: more opposites (antonyms) and then synonym matching. 

They offer practice with words describing personality traits or attitudes (in addition to 'competent' and 'dependable' in the interactive matching game.)

Instructions: Match the negative words in the drop-down menu on the right with their opposites on the left, then check your answers.


More Positive & Negative Opposites

Match these attitude opposites (antonyms). Most are discussed on Personality Vocabulary. (You can just match their numbers and letters on a piece of paper. For example, 1C or 1F.)

Positive traits (generally):                            

1. adaptable 

2. cheerful

3. considerate

4. daring

5. determined

6. diligent

7. enthusiastic

8. generous

9. punctual

10. responsible 

Match the (usually negative) traits below with their opposite ones above:

A. apathetic

B. careless

C. cautious

D. grumpy

E. indecisive

F. inflexible

G. late

H. lazy

I. self-centered

J. stingy

Note: daring is not always a positive trait, and its antonym is not always considered negative.

Positive & Negative Synonyms Matching 

Now match the traits below with their synonyms (words with similar meanings) from the lists above:

K. bold, L. bored, M. careful, N. flexible, O. hardworking, P. kind, Q. optimistic,  R. persistent, S. uncertain 

Answers to the 2nd & 3rd (non-interactive) Matching Games. 

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