Teamwork and Technology Words

The Academic Word List contains a number of technology words, as well as words related to business organization and teamwork. You can practice with some of them here. First, here are a few explanations and examples:

Technology Words

Components- the parts of something. Most machines have several components that work together.

Device- a tool or mechanism designed for a certain use:

Edison invented many devices that added convenience and pleasure to everyday life: electric light bulbs, phonographs, motion picture cameras, and batteries, and more. He also refined and improved upon the inventions of others.

Impact- a major effect on something (originally the physical effect of being hit by another object: “The comet’s impact created a huge hole.” Now ‘impact’ is also used of the strong effect an event can have on a person.)

To innovate- to find or invent a new way of doing something. 

Legal- connected with the law, or acceptable according to the law. 

To maintain-- to keep something working, in a usable condition.

Project - a plan to do, make, or learn something, often requiring a lot of time or resources.

Ways of Working: Together or Alone  

cooperation: 2 people fitting puzzle pieces together

To assist- to help:  Many people have assisted Project Gutenberg-- a major effort to digitize the world’s literature and make it freely available on the Internet.

Colleagues--  co-workers (of more or less equal status, unlike supervisors who direct other workers or  assistants, helpers who follow directions and usually do not make major decisions). Professionals often speak of their colleagues: fellow professors, lawyers, doctors, architects, etc.

To contribute- to add something to the common effort.

To cooperate- to work together toward a common goal.

To coordinate- to plan the work so each individual’s part fits into the whole project. 

To incorporate- to form a corporation: a legal “body” for business purposes.

Individual- one separate person; as adj.- one person or thing as different from others.

Individuality-uniqueness; individualism- emphasizing people thinking or acting separately, as they want to, as compared to choosing what the whole group wants.

A partnership is two or more people working together as partners-- more or less equal colleagues.

A team is a group of people working together on a common project, each having responsibilities and a part to contribute to the whole. 

From a legal point of view, there are three major types of businesses in the United States (with some variation from state to state, and greater variation, including other names, in the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries, due to differences in their laws for businesses.)

1. A sole proprietorship is a business owned and run by an individual.

2.  A partnership is a business run by two or more individuals cooperatively.

3. A corporation is a business owned by a group of stockholders and run by a Board of Directors. There are legal advantages to incorporating-- the company’s losses and liabilities do not belong to the individuals involved, so there is less risk to the stockholder owners.

Practice with Team and Technology Words

Put these words (most related to verbs defined above) into categories: 

assistance, assistant, assisted, contribution, contributor, cooperation, cooperative, coordinated, coordination, coordinator, corporate, corporation, incorporated, innovation, innovative, innovator, maintained, maintenance, partner, partnership, unincorporated




Choose the best answer to each question, then press the right arrow to move to the next question:


Team & Technology Category Answers

























For examples and practice of more words related to technology, see Product Design Vocabulary and Technology Vocabulary Quiz.

If you want to read these words in context, and learn more about Thomas Edison (who was one of America's great innovators, and perhaps the first to assemble a team for the purpose of developing new technologies), see a fairly simple Voice of America article on him, or a pbs article on him here. (They will open in new windows.)

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