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The Story behind the Rescue of the Chilean Miners in 2010

Chilean mine pin

Discover the dramatic story behind the 2010 rescue of the Chilean miners and practice related English vocabulary.

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How to Improve English Pronunciation

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Here's how to improve English pronunciation-- and a quick course for professionals using English at work.

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The Importance of Stress in English—and How to Practice it with Songs

actor presented ith an award- minimized

What is the importance of stress in English? Using word stress correctly can help people understand you better.

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Past and Present Perfect Tense Use

pin 4 past & pres perfect t use

A simple explanation of past and present perfect tense use, with examples and a little practice.

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Tips to Speak Better English, with Quick Practice Activities

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Use these tips to speak better English. Better yet, get quick tips and reminders in your inbox weekly..

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Why Choosing the Right Word Matters

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Choosing the right word can make your message compelling. A similar word with different connotations could reduce its impact-- or even change the message.

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Build Advanced Communication Skills in English

pin-4-adv-commun skills

Are you working on advanced communication skills in English? Here are suggested resources to help you develop your speaking, writing and vocabulary skills.

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Free Resources for English language Learners

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These resources for English language learners are great sites for a quick English review-- and more.

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