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Important Latin Roots

These Latin roots can help you master academic English and test vocabulary. It's easier to learn words in connected groups.

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English Vocabulary from Classical Roots

Knowing some vocabulary from classical roots can improve your reading fluency and test scores!

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How to Increase Your Vocabulary Easily Using Roots and Affixes

How to increase your vocabulary with a few free lessons based on your current English vocabulary size

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Exercise Your Sense Vocabulary

Learn about English sense vocabulary (like the difference between sensible and sensitive) and its Latin roots. Then try a matching game.

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Online Reading Sources to Match Your English Level and Interests

Find online reading materials in English to meet your needs and match your reading level and interests

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What Skills & Attitudes Will Be Crucial for 21st-Century Jobs?

21st-century jobs will require different skills and attitudes than the jobs of the past. Which are most important? How can you learn (or teach) them?

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Communicating Science to the General Public

Communicating science effectively to non-scientists is more important than ever in a time of rapid change, fake news, and misunderstandings. Here’s how.

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Characteristics of Good Leadership

What are the most important characteristics of good leadership? Here’s my list (with vocabulary explanations.)

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Practice Giving Advice

Review ways of giving advice in English, then practice by choosing the best helping verbs to complete a conversation between a discharge nurse and a patient.

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Teamwork and Cooperation Vocabulary

Teamwork and cooperation: 7 ways to talk about working together, with vocabulary practice as well.

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