Future Tense Practice Answers

1. Sarah and I (are) going to take a yoga class next year.

2. Sarah says the yoga will (make) us more flexible.

3. She says it (will) also provide mental health benefits by reducing stress.

4. We’re going (to do) exercises every morning at sunrise.

5. “It (will) be beautiful,” she told me. “And just think how much energy we’ll have!”


6. My New Year’s Resolution is to eat more green vegetables. (I’ll) try to eat at least two servings a day for the next month.

7. I’m (going to) learn new ways to prepare them: different salads, stir frying, steaming, and green smoothies.

8. I won’t make a resolution about losing weight this year. I’m (going to) eat healthier instead.

8. What (will) your New Year’s Resolution be?

9. Are you (going to) make more than one resolution?

10. Don’t make too many, or (they’ll) be hard to keep!

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