Unscramble Words Noun Game 1  

This is the first game of the unscramble words series that practices nouns from the Academic Word List (AWL.) 

Rearrange the letters of these scrambled words to make important English nouns.

liiuvanidd > individual 
necilripp > principle

Unscramble words are a quick, fun way to get familiar with the ways English words are put together (& spelled.) 

They are also excellent practice with suffixes and prefixes.

Knowing a few basic noun suffixes like -tion (or -sion), -ment, -ity, -ence, -ance, -ency, or -ency will make it easier to solve these noun unscrambles 

The first game, which explains the purpose of these games in more detail, is here

Check the main Unscramble Words page "Extra Help" section if you would like to see a complete list of possible words, and ways to recognize some nouns.

Noun Unscramble Game 1

Instructions: Click on each letter in the correct order to form a word. (You can undo one letter at a time if you decide to change it, or just click 'restart' to begin anew.) When you think it is right, click “check” to check your answer. If you need help, click on “Hint” to learn the next letter. (That will take about 10 points off your score.)

A hint: This noun was popular in the 1960s to describe authority or organizations supporting the status quo.

More Words to Unscramble

Non-Interactive Nouns

Try writing these letters on a piece of paper and rearranging them to make a word. Besides using the hints, it might help to look for the prefixes com-, con-, and in- (on three of these words) and suffixes (-ence, -ic, -ity, -ment, -s, -tion). Then the base that is left will be easier to see.

These nouns are all from level 1 or 2 of the AWL. Answers are at the bottom of the page. 

1. rutuscret. Hint: a building or the way something is put together

2. cosmocine. Hint: the study of financial interactions and the way people make and exchange products, etc.

3. minyomuct. Hint: a group of people who live or work together

4. tanidifectonii. Hint: shows who you are (or who someone is)

5. venintolmev. Hint: participation or connection

6. ituthorya. Hint: power or influence

7. gatryets. Hint: plan of action

8. quoecennecs. Hint: result of some decision or action

Interactive Nouns or Other Games

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Answers (Non-interactive Nouns)

1. structure, 2. economics, 3. community, 4. identification, 5. involvement, 6. authority, 7. strategy, 8. consequence.