Match 18 Words from Latin Roots 

Can you recognize or guess the meanings of these 18 common words from Latin roots? This matching practice, like the gapfill exercise in 50 Latin Word Roots Practice, gives you a chance to test your word decoding abilities. Check your ability to recognize word meanings using your knowledge of their prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

Most of these roots are included in 50 Word Roots from Latin. The root meanings are given again below, as this exercise is not to test your knowledge of Latin but your ability to apply an understanding of roots and affixes to individual words.

The 18 English words to match come from these Latin roots:

airy tree with roots

dicere- to say

finis- end or limit

haerere- to attach or stick

integrare- to make whole

locus- place

sequi- to follow

signare- to make a sign

spectare- to look*

tangere-to touch, tactus- touched*

tribuere- to divide among or pay

Note that the words with asterisks (*) are now on a new page: Sense Vocabulary. You can still practice them here, as well as on that page.

Matching Practice 

Match these words with their definitions on the left (The first is done as an example.)

various angles or ways of looking at somethingaspects
reached or gained
credited for
the quality of sticking together as one thought or thing
results that follow from an action
kept within limits
in touch
has an end
close examination
joined and blended into one
to give information without words
putting something in the place of something else
the view ahead
statements that don’t agree; if one is true the other can’t be
something you can expect will happen
what follows something

For more practice matching roots, see Roots of Comparison and Important Latin Roots, as well as Exercise your Sense Vocabulary (mentioned above.) You might also want to look at List of Prefixes to learn how prefixes can change the meanings of roots. List of Suffixes can help you recognize a word's part of speech (the position it takes in a sentence, and how it can be used.)

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