English Grammar Worksheets

These English grammar worksheets provide a variety of practice exercises with verb tenses, sentence structures, parts of speech, and common errors.

Most practice is in context, using conversations or short paragraphs rather than bare lists to learn. Worksheet packets also include games and other activities to learn and review the more difficult structures. (Teachers: see also Printable ESL Classroom Games.)

Picture of worksheets & a pen, + 'Get the tense & sentence structure practice you need in context. Free & inexpensive worksheets' (on (different tenses, clauses, modals, and proofreading.)

For explanations of the grammar involved, see also English Grammar Lessons and English Verb Tenses. For similar practice online, see Grammar Practice.

The individual English grammar worksheets on this page are all free, as is the Revision and Proofreading Checklist.

You can view and print them online, or you can download them as pdfs by right-clicking and choosing “save link as” (or the related message on your browser.)

The past tense packet offers many more worksheets as well as game suggestions and materials.

You will need Adobe or another pdf reader to download these pdfs. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download it, free, here.

Revision & Proofreading Checklist

cover for the Revision and Proofreading Checklist pdf.

This is a three-page checklist asking students to review and revise their writing for clarity and completeness, then proofread for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar errors.

The third (optional) page explains compound and complex sentences, to help students recognize and eliminate sentence fragments, run-ons, and some common errors with commas. 

It's written for Intermediate up English language learners from grade 6 to adult.

Click to download.

Free Single Verb Tense Worksheets

See also Games to Practice the Past Tense in Printable ESL Classroom Games. It includes many more memory games, as well as the two in the packet below, and also some sentence scrambles and other ways to play with irregular past tense verbs in English.

Past Tense Verb Worksheets for Classrooms

a yellow quote box on lined paper with title & 'Varied practice with the simple & continuous past tense, irregular verbs, questions, negatives, & story gap fills.'

This 18-page packet (plus answer keys, memory game back options, and bingo template- 30 pages total) offers students multiple ways to practice the past tense of regular and the most common irregular verbs.

Much of the practice is in context (conversations or reading.)

Most of the worksheets are simple enough for students to use on their own for homework or extra practice (or to give to early finishers or to leave for a sub.) Most games are for the whole class, but the memory cards can be used in a center, for a few early finishers or even as a solitaire activity

The packet includes worksheets and game ideas to learn and practice regular and irregular verbs in the simple and continuous past tenses. Over 50 of the most common irregular past-tense verbs are practiced in sentences and again as gap-fills in longer text-- most of them at least three to four times. 


  • Teaching Suggestions and Game Ideas (20 Questions, Bingo, Memory, and Liar-- all very useful for practicing different aspects of the past tense) 
  • 32 Memory Game cards to practice 16 common irregular past tense verbs (These can also be glued together as flash cards.)
  • 2 optional colored and designed backs for the memory cards
  • an optional bingo template (or have students fold and make their own per directions in the Teaching Suggestions)
  • The Simple Past Tense: Regular Verbs (examples and practice)
  • Practice ‘to be’ in the past & the Past Continuous Tense (including questions and negatives)
  • 20 Very Common Irregular Past Tense Verbs (practice in sentences)
  • More Simple Past Tense Questions and Answers
  • Past Tense Verbs ending in 'Aught’ and ‘Ought’ 
  • Verbs that Don’t Change from Present to Past (& Practice Irregular Verbs for Accidents)
  • 20 More Common Irregular Verbs (with practice) 
  • Review Irregular Verbs: American History (for a preview, see individual pdf in Verb Tense Worksheets above) 
  • Review the Top 50 Irregular Verbs with Stories (like the pdf above in Verb Tenses but without the list of 50 irregulars)
  • Answer Keys 

You can see reviews of these verb worksheets  by other teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Download the Past Tense Verb Worksheets packet now for $7.00 by clicking the buttons below.

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Please contact me if you have any problems or questions. If you are not happy with any worksheet, contact me for a full refund (or a credit plus 10% on another packet if you prefer.)

If you find the worksheet helpful please take a moment to share that information with others and let me know. (You can contact me here.)

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2 Options For Individual Study:

Practice Past Tense Verbs

title & description of the packet on a green background over lined paper ('Review the simple & continuous past tense, especially irregular verbs, with memory games, gap fills, & worksheets.')

This is similar to the classroom worksheet packet above, but for individual rather than class practice (& 27 rather than 30 pages.)

These worksheets can help you review and practice the past tense in English.  The later ones build on skills practiced in the earlier ones.

You can review regular past tense verbs, then practice each of the fifty or so most common irregular verbs in English on several different worksheets.

(They start with twenty really important irregulars and then add more, a few per worksheet. The two gap-fill exercises at the end practice most of these irregulars, as well as some regular verbs, in context.) 

The worksheets are mostly short, so you can practice 15 or 20 minutes at a time whenever you have a few minutes.

This packet also includes instructions and 32 cards to make two memory games practicing 16 of the most important irregular verbs. The game can be played alone—trying to beat your previous speed-- or with friends. It’s an entertaining (almost addictive) way to review these most common irregular verbs.

You can download this personal study packet on past tense verbs for $5.50 by clicking the button below.

Irregular Past Worksheets 

The title followed by a word cloud with irregular past tense verbs (took was, got, came, told, etc.) in various colors

This is a shorter, less expensive individual-study worksheet packet.

It's the Practice Past Tense Verbs Worksheets without the memory game cards or the full-page regular past review.

It includes all the other irregular verb practice: 

• The Past Tense of ‘To Be’ & the Past Continuous Tense (Quick Review)

• 20 Very Common Irregular Past Tense Verbs (practice in sentences- page 3)

• More Simple Past Tense Questions and Answers (page 4)

• ‘-Aught’ and ‘-Ought’ Past Tense Verbs (practice: bring, buy, catch, fight, teach, think- page 5)

• Verbs that Don’t Change from Present to Past (with accidents practice- page 6)

• 20 More Common Irregular Verbs (with practice- page 7)

• Review Irregular Verbs: American History Gap-fill Exercise (pages 8-9)

• Review the Top 50 Irregular Verbs with Stories: Marie and Jim (pages 10-11)

• Answers (pages 12-18.)

You can download it for $4.00 by clicking the button below.

Other English Grammar Worksheets

   • Modals Practice.

   • Adverb Clause Practice

   • Word Family Practice

Again, you can practice much of this (and more that I don’t yet have in pdfs) at Grammar Practice.

If you're preparing for a big test like the IELTS or TOEFL and need to practice your writing, see English Essay Writing Practice.

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